Realising he would need to think big, Harry turned to the pioneer of mass-production techniques in the motor industry, American Henry Ford. It is said that when Harry demonstrated his Ferguson Type A in Mrs Ford's vegetable garden at Fairlane in Detroit, Ford rushed over, shouting "STOP! You’ve got it".


Ford Ferguson immediately undertook to put the resources of Ford at Harry's disposal to design and build what became known as the Ford Ferguson or, more properly, the Ford Tractor with Ferguson System.

Charlie Sorensen was appointed to oversee the project and such was the energy devoted to it that the production model took only six months to complete. Of course Harry had his own two engineers, Willie Sands and Archie Greer, working on the project and it was they who provided the idea for the front axle, which could be adjusted in width without the need for new adjustment of the track.

With the mighty Ford empire behind production, the tractor became a market leader of its type, greatly boosting wartime agricultural production.


The significant meeting and friendly agreement between Mr Henry Ford and Mr. Harry Ferguson they believed would result in the end of unprofitable drudgery of animal farming. It meant the beginning of a new era in agriculture, the farmer could make more profit without increasing the cost of food to the consumer. By 1947, 300,000 Ford Fergusons had been built.

The fact that Harry's agreement with Ford had been sealed with just a handshake stored up problems for the future. Following the decision of Henry Ford’s grandson, Henry Ford 11, ended their agreement.